Fort Boise Reserve Shanes Ride

Fort Boise Reserve, Shane’s Loop Mountbike Ride


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  1. Michael

    Hi, My group is looking for a ride in Boise on our way to Moab. I’ve been watching videos on hi-adventure, but haven’t seen an email addr. This ride looked interesting, but the gpx file appears to be missing.

  2. cafeuz

    Hey Michael,
    Thanks for leaving the comment. I had a file naming issue that has been fixed. If you reload the page, the link should now work.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Michael


    Gpx working now.

    My group of mtb’ers is heading to Moab, and will ride in Boise en-route to Moab for 3-4 days of riding and possibly on the return too. Would you have a recommendation for something around 12 miles and no more than 1500′ of climbing or even a shuttle opportunity.

    Your afterwork ride “Camelback/Fort Boise via Shane’s Loop” sounded interesting and that’s what I was looking for when I came here. Is there a gpx for that ride?

    I’ve been digging through you BoiseFoothillsRides.gpx and “CB-Shanes Short loop” looks like about the right length. We’re just looking for a fun ride to end a long travel day.

    (We’re technically adept riders, mostly w/ 5.5″ trail bikes. We’ve ridden Whistler, Mackenzie R., Bend, MBO, Sandy Ridge, etc)

    Thanks. Your site is excellent. Now I can show my wife someone who tracks way more skiing/biking trips than I do.

    1. Cody

      Hey, thanks for the feedback. And I’m glad you are finding some useful stuff.
      Here is the published ride that fits your 12/1500 the closest:
      It does have a short section of uphill on a gravel road, but the downhill is all fun and includes some great little technical options.

      One other ride that I don’t have fully documented is to extend the http://gps-exchange.com/camelsback-sidewinder-mtbr/ ride up Fat Tire to the junction with Trail 5 and then come back down as an “up and back”. If you want to add some “thrill” to this one, when you get back to Sidewinder take the Trail 4 down to Hulls Gulch. Trail 4 is steep and fast, (and doubles as a dirt bike trail), so CAUTION is in order. I did this last year with a buddy, and I was going to post the GPS data but somewhere I lost it.

      One other good option is found here: http://gps-exchange.com/camelsback-to-fort-boise-reserve-rides/
      Look for the CB-Shanes short loop ride. This is the one that you were asking about. I really like this one.

      Have fun.

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